Y.S.Park Model 701 100% Boar Bristles Brush Best Quality from Japan

Y.S.Park 701 Lustet Wood Styler Brush
The Boar Bristle Brush

Product Description
• 100 % Boar Bristle
• W 3.3 x H 1.9 x L 9.1
• Lightweight 87g / 3 oz
• 23 Lines x 13 Rows
• Offset wood take care of
• Heat Resistant
• Origin: Japan
Dynamically smooth, the Y.S. Park 701 Lustet Wood Styler Brush is made with all natural boar bristles. With excellent resistance against heat and moisture the rubber component of brush, where the bristles are implanted, has the resistance needed for creating glistening straight hair. Specially sized to fit all needs; stronger all the time means better.
With an ideal light hollowed wood body for a greater airflow, the take care of’s comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to stop clammy hands, providing the stylist improbable keep an eye on over each and every stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel, the Y.S. Park 701 Lustet Wood Styler Brush is undeniably the most efficient of its kind.

The bristles are arranged in a pattern in order that each and every stroke reaches the entire method to the scalp, without causing any irritation or discomfort. The offset take care of is designed to stop accidental contact with the customer’s head right through use.

A boar bristle brush is a hairbrush made with wild hog hair. This kind of hairbrush is sold as a natural moderately than synthetic brush. Synthetic hairbrush bristles are manufactured from plastic. Since plastic and metal brush bristles are not absorbent, they do not distribute the hair’s oils as easily. Fine to normal hair of any length is regarded as ideal for a boar bristle brush.

A boar bristle hairbrush can also be especially efficient on oily varieties of thin to normal hair. The natural fibers take and distribute oil from the highest of the top down to the ends, that are frequently the driest a part of the hair.


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