Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

67 cubic meters/hour for fast drying
4 temperatures and cold air
2 speeds

Turbo Energy Dual Turbo 2600 Hairdryer is loaded with many options which contains 4 temperature settings, 2 speeds, a chilly shot characteristic that locks in the ones stunning curls, 2 nozzles, and a 9 foot Energy wire. This turbo hairdryer additionally has an excessively quiet, however robust 1700 watts motor with an anti-overheating instrument. Any other protection characteristic is its self-extinguishing, surprise and temperature resistant thermoplastic frame, and a detachable stainless filter out. This hair dryer is to hand, light-weight and ergonomically designed to scale back hand fatigue.
67 cubic meters/hour for speedy drying
4 temperatures and chilly air
2 speeds
Anti-overheating instrument
Self-extinguishing, surprise & temperature resistant thermoplastic frame


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