Tela Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Promotes healthy hair and shine
Helps preserve the hair fabric
Extremely gentle

TelaÕs distinctive, cushioned-pneumatic pad, handmade Herbal boar bristle hairbrush massages the scalp, stipulations hair and lets in for efficient and professional brushing. Each and every boar bristle cluster penetrates during to the scalp and lightly distributes Herbal conditioning oils. Lightly detangling hair, the Tela Herbal Boar Bristle Hairbrush glides simply and smoothly in the course of the hair, taking into consideration most beneficial therapeutic massage, conditioning and raise. Perfect for all hair sorts.
Promotes wholesome hair and shine
Is helping maintain the hair cloth
Extraordinarily mild
Makesr detangeling hair simple with out pressure on even essentially the most subtle hair
Massages and sooths the scalp


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