Tamarusan Hair Comb Dinosaur Dragonfly Hair Ornament Handmade Purple

The main parts:epoxy resin, metal: plated copper and brass, length 9.5cm and width 4.7cm
Handmade. Made in Japan. Because it is cut into random part of the picture, it will be a shade different point by point. The actual pictures may differ slightly from the photo shown.
The jewel stone parts are made with acrylic resin.

This can be a hair comb the usage of the resin portions of the “dinosaur series”. Pull the attention within the type of a dragonfly. To the person accessory of the hairstyle please. It additionally suits kimono’s hair taste. Resin portions and steel portions are Home made.
The primary portions:epoxy resin, steel: plated copper and brass, period 9.5cm and width 4.7cm
Home made. Made in Japan. As a result of it’s reduce into random a part of the image, it’ll be a shade other element by means of element. The true photos might differ fairly from the picture proven.
The jewel stone portions are made with acrylic resin.


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