T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer

Tourmaline softaire
2 speed 3 heat settings
Cool shot

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Enjoy healthy, gorgeous hair each and every time you blow dry. Powered by way of proprietary T3 Tourmaline + Ceramic and complex SoftAire technology, the Featherweight 2 generates a top volume of air at a comfortable, mild speed, enriching it with negative ions and a ways infrared Warmth. The enriched airflow exits the dryer in a large cone form that dries massive sections of hair—rapid. Negative ions within the airflow cancel static and temporarily seal the cuticle, which is helping hair retain natural moisture, reduces frizz and complements shine. With a graceful design, ergonomic angled Take care of, and light-weight body, the Featherweight 2 is as gorgeous to take a look at, as it’s to carry. Different options come with: 2 Speed Settings; 3 Warmth Settings; Quiet & Light-weight Design; Cool Shot Button; Concentrator; Ergonomic Slant Take care of; Long Life Motor; 9ft Wire with Wire Wrap; and a 2-Year Guaranty.
Tourmaline softaire
2 speed 3 Warmth settings
Cool shot


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