Skin Obsession 25% TCA Chemical Peel for Home Use 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Strong and effective anti-aging treatment
Removes sun damage and smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Gives skin a beautiful even tone and texture

This medium depth peel uses Trichloroacetic acid and will strengthen a number of the skin conditions that we all see (and wish we did not!) after we look within the mirror. After peeling your skin might be softer, smoother, with improved texture and tone and reduced hyperpigmentation (sun damage). Those are the differences at the surface of your skin. But the true magic is happening under your skin where collagen is being stimulated. That is what plumps up the lines and scars, yielding a smoother, more refined and beautiful complexion. The Skin Obsession 25% TCA Peel is a medium peel. There may be down time associated with this peel, between 3-7 days all over the peeling stages where you may also wish to limit out of doors and public activities, however the results are worth it! With a long standing record for safety and effectiveness, That is the strongest peel we offer in our skin care line and considered one of our best sellers. This peel is for experienced peelers only. Because of the strength of this peel if you’re new to peeling, you must try the 15% TCA peel first before jumping to this level of peel. This peel is suitable for lighter skin tones, darker skin tones must not use this peel as there’s a higher risk of pigment issues with this level of peel. As with any of our products, a patch test is beneficial to assess your particular response to the peel. This can be a 1 fl oz bottle of peel solution in amber glass to offer protection to the activity of the solution. Ingredients: Distilled sterile water, Trichloroacetic acid.

By purchasing this product, you assume all risk associated with its use and are accountable for all results either intended or unintended from the usage of this product.
Strong and effective anti-aging remedy
Eliminates sun damage and smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Gives skin a fantastic even tone and texture
Easy to follow instructions
Free sample of Microdermabrasion crystals included (1 per shipment)





















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