Perfecter Pro Grip Heated Round Brush & Bag (1.5″, Pink)

A professional-quality heated round brush designed to provide you with beautiful, “just back from the salon” style. Use it to smooth, direct, lift, volumize, and curl hair like a pro! Maria McCool created the Perfecter with Fusion Heat: ceramic and ionic technology combined to infuse hair with body and shine. Its sturdy bristles flow through hair and offer protection to hands and scalp from heat. Who is it for: All hair types: thin to thick, straight to curly, fine to coarse. Make a choice the 1″ barrel in case you have short hair and the 1-1/2″ barrel in case you have medium to long hair. Why is it different: With a much broader heat range and a digital setting for added ease of use, this Perfecter offers you an even better styling revel in. Soft Touch grip allows for a more safe hold, whilst dual inside heaters produce quick, even heat for professional results. How do I use it: Use on dry hair simplest. Plug in and hold the On/Off button for about three seconds to show it on. If your hair is fine or over-processed, Make a choice a lower temperature setting; coarse or heavy hair will want a higher setting. The LCD will blink until your desired temperature is reached (takes approximately three minutes). Brush approximately 2″ sections from scalp to ends, two to 3 times, to detangle, dispose of product, and preheat section for styling. Use slow strokes to lend a hand smooth your hair. Add more tension to straighten. When creating waves or curls, don’t wind hair more than 2.5 times across the brush. Once you may have rolled hair in, hold for 5 to 10 seconds (according to your hair’s ability to carry a curl). For long hair, succeed in spiral curls by starting on the root, holding the Perfecter vertically, and rotating downward, spinning the hair during the brush for the softest, natural-having a look curl. Styling tip: For longer-lasting results, spray every section after styling with Calista Tools Complete Texturizing Spray with ProElement (now not included). When you’re happy along with your overall style, evenly spray hair all ov


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