Mood Struck Mascara,3D Fiber Lash Mascara,3D Mascara youngfocus

the transplanting gel and natural fibers
enhance and magnify your natural eyelashes up to 300% magnification
high-quality natural lngredients

Your Lashes Are Short? No Lashes? No Sexy Amazinglashes? No longer Enough With Normal Mascara?

Use false lashes are tough to use, uncomfortable to wear, many have allergies to the glue (which accommodates Formaldehyde), and you lose natural lashes with each and every application.

Try Youngfocus 3D Fiber Mascara. All The ones Problems Are Solved!

Not best does their formula contain all natural ingredients to give a boost to and give protection to your natural lashes, but it surely also gives three hundred% volume and length, 24 hour endurance, no flaking, irritation, or breaking of the lashes.

It’S Also Very Simple To Do away with.

Just a little of makeup remover on a cotton ball, leave on the eye for a couple of seconds, and wipe clean. The instructions are Simple to follow and the routine is simple to master.

Start With Both Products Open To Apply The Fibers Quickly And Easily.

Next apply the step 1 gel, just 1 coat, starting with 1 eye.

Next, apply the fibers  of the lashes you applied the step 1 gel to.

Seal within the fibers with the step 1 gel. Repeat this process on the next eye.

To build more volume repeat this process as much as 3 times per eye, applying the gel, applying fibers on the tips (don’t apply fibers on the base,this may increasingly lead to fibers to get into your eye),seal fibers with gel.

We Would Like To Welcome You To The Circle of relatives Of Beautiful Lashes.

Make your eyelashes fuller, longer,and more beautiful than you can have ever thought imaginable.

the transplanting gel and natural fibers
improve and magnify your natural eyelashes as much as three hundred% magnification
top quality natural lngredients
never tested on animals
2 Tubes 3D fiber lash mascara: Fiber (short tube-dry) & Gel (long tube-wet)


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