MONTALE Powder Flowers Perfume for Women. Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz

After the hole notes of flowers and more flowers, like pressed flowers, the drydown is heat pores and skin-like and powdery .Regularly defined because the little sister of Lorenzo Villoresi’s Teint de Neige (a TPS Bestseller), Powder Flowers isn’t as tough and no longer as heavy as a result of TDN’s heliotrope note. While this scent warms up at the pores and skin, it becomes more comfortable and more powdery, yet there is a tiny little bit of bitterness to it, as a result of tonka bean and Osmanthus flowers, that protects it from being a banal, sweet baby powder scent. Within the dry down it takes on a heat, creamy powdery scent, very comfortable and cuddly, however it is a a lot more of a chic, subtle and ladylike perfume than a easy on a regular basis convenience-scent as a result of cedar added to this perfume to present it that heat touch. Powder Flowers exudes the perfume touch of Chanel No 5, however substitutes the hint of a bitter note every now and then discovered on Chanel wearers.


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