Men’s Rogaine Solution One Month Supply

2-ounce bottle of hair regrowth treatment, a 1-month supply
Helps regrow hair
For men with hereditary hair loss

Mens Rogaine Answer can assist regrow hair in males with hereditary hair loss. The 5 % minoxidil Answer absorbs temporarily into the scalp to reactivate hair follicles, expanding their dimension and taking into consideration commonplace, wholesome hair to develop. This hair expansion remedy is the primary FDA-licensed topical product confirmed to assist regrow hair in males with hereditary hair loss. After eight weeks of twice-day by day use, you may also start to revel in regrowth; a few customers would possibly take as much as 4 months to peer effects. This package deal of Mens Rogaine Answer contains one 2 ounce bottle, a one-month provide.
2-ounce bottle of hair regrowth remedy, a 1-month provide
Is helping regrow hair
For males with hereditary hair loss
5 % minoxidil topical Answer reactivates hair follicles
Clinically confirmed and FDA-licensed


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