L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Eau de Parfum spray 75 ml by Diptyque

Poetically named L’Ombre dans l’Eau, this can be a perfume that recollects a lush garden at water’s facet and a short lived glimpse of lifestyles. The fairway rustling of blackcurrant leaves, the sweet bounty of roses of antique…in spite of its seeming simplicity, this perfume is constructed around an especially actual stability of the 2 principal notes, such that they have compatibility in combination in best possible harmony. A country, bursting opening; after the blackcurrant leaf sap and buds, very botanic, very inexperienced, one experiences bergamot and mandarin – two tart, explosive citruses – which mellow the initial bitterness of the blackcurrant. Then the Bulgarian rose (Rosa damascena) seems, slightly recent, in its so much natural state, dense, faceted, and heady. A perfume that surprises with this sudden accord that provides it a perfectly natural appeal. The Eau de Parfum is rosier nonetheless than the Eau de Toilette. A generous, sensual, virtually heady rose, blooming among the cool of the stems, directly mossy and tart.


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