LAFCO Diffuser Refill, Chamomile Lavender, 8.4 fl. oz.

One fill bottle of fragrance essential oils 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml
Natural essences 90% minimum
Every LAFCO diffuser provides elegant fragrance for one year.

Enjoyable, fragrant floral: Heat and enveloping best notes of glowing Bergamot and calming Chamomile soften right into a dramatic middle of Lavender and recent Eucalyptus, developing a sense of leisure and smartly-being. Smoky Patchouli is more desirable by way of tricks of fragrant Sage, Honey Flower and Rosemary for a easy, sensual end.
One fill bottle of perfume very important oils 8.4 fl oz. / 250 ml
Herbal essences ninety% minimal
Each LAFCO diffuser supplies sublime perfume for twelve months.


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