Kent Medium Pure Black Natural Bristle Cushion Brush, CSFM

Medium Oval Cushioned Handbag Sized Brush
Finished in a Deep Midnight Ruby Colored Handle
Filled with Pure Black Bristle

A medium oval cushioned Purse sized brush Completed in a deep Nighttime ruby colored Take care of and Full of Natural black bristle A layout Perfect for livening up and grooming Quick, medium or even Lengthy hair. The bristle cleans hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp.
Medium Oval Cushioned Purse Sized Brush
Completed in a Deep Nighttime Ruby Coloured Take care of
Full of Natural Black Bristle
Perfect for Livening up and Grooming Quick, Medium and Even Lengthy Hair
The Bristle Cleans Hair, Promotes Shine and Stimulates the Scalp


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