HairMax Ultima 9 Lasercomb, 7.7 oz.

9 Medical Grade Lasers – (Not LED lights!)
Clinically Proven – 7 Clinical Studies with 460 men & women
11 Minute Treatment Time – 3 Treatments per Week

The HairMax Ultima 9 Laser Comb is an FDA Cleared laser mild device, clinically proven to regard hair loss and stimulate hair expansion. Therapeutic mild energy is delivered in an instant in your hair follicles thru 9 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). HaiMax laser devices work during the process of Photo Bio stimulation, the usage of protected, nourishing mild energy in your hair follicles to turn on them for stronger expansion. This spice up of laser mild revitalizes and enlivens hair follicles to stimulate expansion factors, reverse the thinning process and will assist extend and restore your hair’s natural hair expansion cycle. Skinny, weakened and lifeless hair starts to grow in thicker, denser and fuller. User experiences will range, however visible results are usually seen in 12-sixteen weeks. The Ultima 9 has an LCD screen that depicts battery life and elapsed Remedy time. Included with the Ultima 9 is: (1) device, (2) charging cradle, (3) power wire (four) user manual and fast get started guide.
9 Medical Grade Lasers – (Now not LED lighting fixtures!)
Clinically Proven – 7 Clinical Studies with 460 men & Girls
11 Minute Remedy Time – 3 Treatments per Week
HairMax patented hair Parting Teeth supply a trail for the laser mild to succeed in your hair follicles
Doctor Really helpful. FDA Cleared for Men & Girls.


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