Graftobian Modeling Wax Flesh Color

Modeling Wax is for building: bumps, contusions, warts, ect. on a character.
Formula is very pliable yet sticky enough to hold well even under stress.

Instance: To position a bump to your forehead, 1. Practice Spirit Gum to space where wax will go 2. Faucet out Spirit Gum till tacky (a couple of faucets with fingertip) 3. Roll wax right into a ball in palm of hand and press onto tacky space and flare out and form as desired. 4. Use an excessively small quantity of Make-up Remover to your fingertip to smooth the wax once your rough form is completed. 5. Powder down with face powder. 6. Seal the wax with either Versatile Wax Sealer or with Liquid Latex stippled on with a white foam wedge, permit to dry and repeat till you’ve a sturdy pores and skin over the wax. 7. Practice your make-up/blood/no matter what. (*** NOTE: these merchandise are ALL offered seperatly and no longer included***)
Modeling Wax is for development: bumps, contusions, warts, ect. on a personality.
Formula could be very pliable yet sticky sufficient to carry smartly even underneath stress.


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