Floractive W. One Nano Protein Progressive Hair Straightening

Progressive hair Straightening.
Nano Protein
Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

PROGRESIVE – STRAIGHTENING multi functional step W. ONE straightens handiest in one step, very practical and speedy, since the hair does no longer wish to be washed before the use of the product, which speeds up the procedure to 90 minutes. W. ONE is straightforward to use and has been designed to provide the help of intracellular with nanotechnology that lets you no longer wash your hair with shampoo. Its reconstructive action makes hair shiny, clean and fluffy, gives long-lasting effect of smoothness. Its assets deeply moisturize the hair fibers. W- ONE incorporates sericin (silk protein), lactic acid (milk), C-vitamin, argan oil and Shea butter. W. One is helping deal with the straightening effect. Special formula rebuilds new means, the structure of hair strands. The road is composed of shampoo and W-One W. One 3 in 1 Shampoo (PH3.5) incorporates asset Amazonia created from Brazilian palm trees, which penetrates to the foundation, and restores all of the properties of healthy hair. It permits you to clean and nourish the hair with out damaging it. As a result of its skill to stabilize the pH of the hair, it is appropriate to be used after a chemical Remedy. W. One 3 to 1 (pH 5.0) also incorporates active Amazon and has three goals: moistening, smoothing, and can be utilized as a leave-silk.
Progressive hair Straightening.
Nano Protein
Brazilian Keratin Hair Remedy
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