Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar Sprinkles Base Sealer 1oz

Our Liquid Sugar Sprinkles Base Sealer is the root of Eye Kandy Cosmetics. Liquid Sugar is a flexible adhesive that bonds loose product such as glitter, micas (powders), and the like, to the eyelid or across the eye, or to any space of skin. Liquid Sugar Sprinkles Base Sealer prevents flaking, smudging or creasing. It’s an ideal base product that allows you to stay your cosmetics from rubbing off or losing colour. Liquid Sugar is water primarily based and, due to this fact, also totally protected for sensitive skin and make contact with lenses. (If the bottom seeps into the attention, you can also feel a slight stinging, however it is going to no longer result in any harm. A cotton swab or tissue will have to be sufficient to dab your eye and relieve the edge. Use this system to take away glitter out of your eye, as smartly. This is a tidier and effective alternative to flushing with water.)


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