Dermalogica Age Smart Power Rich 5 Tubes X 10ml

Dermalogica Age Good Energy Wealthy 5 Tubes X 10ml Each and every = (50ml)1.6oz

Whilst used day-to-day for 30 days, this exceptional product stimulates mobile phone regeneration and turnover for a fresher, firmer glance.
Energy Wealthy is just about a handcrafted product constructed from 3 separate ingredient phases:

Section 1
Biostimulating botanicals together with seaweed, wheat protein and soy deal with the lack of energy, elasticity and moisture in Pores and skin.

Section 2
Smoothness is achieved with our acid-unfastened smoothing marketers that advertise exfoliation with out inflammation, even as stimulating mobile phone renewal. Highest for the put up-AHA technology.

Section 3
Pores and skin regenerators, protein peptides and nutrients make stronger Pores and skin texture and reverse indicators of aging.


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