City Lash

CITY Lash’s distinctive exclusive formula stimulates eyelash expansion and extends the natural life cycle of the lash. This process permits for older lashes to stay in longer, and new lashes to regrow on the same time, leading to a miles fuller lash bed and dramatic visible results. •In contrast to different lash-enhancing merchandise, CITY Lash is secure, even for essentially the most sensitive skin and eyes. •CITY Lash is natural and perfume free. Like several CITY Cosmetics, CITY Lash isn’t tested on animals! •CITY Lash does now not contain paraben or prostaglandin like different merchandise. Prostaglandin would possibly lead to permanent colour adjustments to your eyes and skin, in addition to irritation and redness. •Medical trying out has shown that CITY Lash can building up overall eyelash thickness and duration via as much as seventy two% in as low as 40 days.


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