BioNaza ChocoHair Brazilian Keratin Treatment 32 oz (No Wait Time)

Heals, repairs, moisturizes and protect damaged hair.
Eliminates frizzy hair. Can be used on all types of hair.
Leaves hair straight/natural waves for up to 3 months.

BioNaza ChocoHair Brazilian Keratin Remedy 32 ounces (No Wait Time), The ChocoHair Brazilian Keratin Chocolate is a innovative hair reconstructor and quantity reducer Remedy that Removes frizzy hair, leaving it directly or wavy, wholesome and shinning
Heals, upkeep, moisturizes and give protection to broken hair.
Removes frizzy hair. Can be utilized on all varieties of hair.
Leaves hair directly/herbal waves for as much as 3 months.
Accommodates Acai Berry, aloe-vera, nutrients C, D and E, which is able to repair broken hair again to its unique wholesome situation. Works perfect on hair that has been chemically processed, coloured or highlighted.
For Salon skilled use.


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