Bien Cacau Brazilian Smoothing System

promotes shiny hair with natural effect and leaves them soft and treated
leave you hair straight for up to 4 months
100% compatible with any type of hair

That is the brand new Bien Brasil Cacau,its formula is already approved around the globe by Brasil Cacau clients and Salon execs. Now this Brasil Cacau has a brand new bottle and a brand new hydration component that replenishes the dry chemically broken hair. Bien Cacau delivers straight, comfortable, glossy results to all varieties of hair. Use: With wet hair, follow a sufficient quantity of Shampoo Antirresíduos lightly massaging the hair, rubbing in the wrong way across the wire extension. Rinse and repeat this process two more times. Rinse completely. Dry the hair with the help of a dryer, follow the Brazilian Keratin Thermo across the hair root to tip direction, a minimum distance from the foundation. After product application, the hair dryer one hundred%. Take a broom and the iron, divide the hair into skinny strands. Rinse. On wet hair, hydration uniformly follow the mask for the entire duration of the wires, spreading the keratin neatly root to tip direction. Let stand 3-five mins and rinse. End as desired. THIS PRODUCT WILL BE SENT BY DHL EXPRESS AND YOU WILL GET IT BETWEEN TWO AND THREE WORKING DAYS AND YOU DON’T NEED T PAY ANYTHING EXTRA!!
promotes glossy hair with natural impact and leaves them comfortable and treated
leave you hair straight for as much as 4 months
one hundred% compatible with any form of hair
Formaldehyde free


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