AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense 5.3 oz

Better than Shampoo – it stops chlorine damage before it starts!
Prevents green hair; Protects natural color
Smooths and protects from dryness and brittleness

Are you bored with negative submit swim tresses? Underwater Audio has the answer with AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense. AquaGuard assists in keeping your hair glossy and powerful. Designed with widespread swimmers in mind, AquaGuard assists in keeping hair safe from the dryness, brittleness, dullness, fading, and inexperienced tinge that comes from prolonged water exercises!
Higher than Shampoo – it stops chlorine harm before it begins!
Prevents inexperienced hair; Protects herbal colour
Smooths and protects from dryness and brittleness
Maintains hair health
The way to Use: The use of AquaGuard is straightforward! Merely dampen your hair before swimming, and follow a generous quantity of pre-swim hair defense- paying different consideration to ends. Permit 3-five mins for the product to soak up utterly into to the hair.


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