Ammonia Free Liquid Latex Body Paint – 32oz White

The only Liquid Latex that is Ammonia Free!
Easy Application & Easy Removal
Will not stain the skin

Liquid Latex Fashions manufactures liquid latex body paint in a number of colors, these body paints are made with the very best quality of FDA approved ingredients. Because our product is made with FDA approved ingredients this body paint is secure for adults and youngsters over the age of 6 years old. Our product Is not going to stain your skin and won’t rub off in your clothing. Very best of all it’ll no longer take hours to take away off of your skin, you’re going to merely peel off the paint if you end up finished. Liquid Latex Fashions will ship around the globe and provides Express and Ground shipping thru UPS. Because we’re the manufacturer we may be able to combine custom colors and give you the technical assistance that you would be able to want in creating your custom costumes and designs, you’ll be able to achieve us at 1.888.774.7246.
The one Liquid Latex that may be Ammonia Free!
Simple Application & Simple Removal
Is not going to stain the surface
Liquid Latex Body Paint Is not going to rub off onto your clothing or furniture like different body paints


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