Aery Jo Tanning Make Up – Sunless Bronzer for Latin Performance #5 Brown Stone 110g

With pearl pigments
Doesn’t easily smudge under water or sweat
Doesn’t easily stain the garments

Latin Dance Tanning Very important. With the pretty diamond pearl pigments, this Dance Tanning Make Up will provide you with sensational shiny look below the stage light.

*Color / #5 Brown Stone: This alluring brown hue creates the similar stunning finish as #3 but with out the added diamond glitter.

Directions: Step1. PREPARATION No sweat, No sebum, and No warmth – Steer clear of applying Tanning Make Up as soon as you dance. Once you dance, your body has warmth and your skin will do sweat. Should you apply Tanning Make Up right now, it would make an issue; Tanning Make Up Does not dry. Stay no sweat, no sebum, and no warmth – dry skin before applying. Should you do shower and wipe out water and apply it that may be excellent. Step 2. APPLYING Rub Temporarily and Widely – While you apply it to your back, squeeze the liquid enough to fill your partner’s palm. While you apply it to your legs and arms, squeeze it to fill 1/4 of your palm. Apply it by the usage of your hand because your palm is heat. Rub Temporarily and widely at one time to Steer clear of smudge. Step 3. DRY Dry Fast – After it’s dry, you’ll wear the clothes and it Does not stain the clothes below sweat. It regularly takes 15 ~ 20 min to dry. To shorten the time to dry, Use fan or hairdryer! Step 4. CLEANSING Cleansing – Simple to Clean with Soap or Foaming Cleanser and water. Wipe out leftovers by the usage of Lip & Eye Remover.

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With pearl pigments
Does not easily smudge below water or sweat
Does not easily stain the clothes
Dry fast
Simple to cleanse with soap or foaming cleanser


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