A2Z Ozone MP 5000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

Flexible timer, from 10 minutes to continuous ozone output
Internal air compressor or option to hook up oxygen feed
Adjustable ozone concentration

A2Z OZONE INC. Presents MP – 5000 Ozone Genreator

The MP 5000 is used for air, water and oil applications, designed as a conveyable Multi Purpose Ozone Generator MP-5000 (5000mg/hour Ozone output). This unit is flexible, efficient, reliable and heavy duty from household applications to light industrial and commercial applications. The MP 5000 is supplied to take ambient air or oxygen from a tank or an oxygen generator. It comes with a in-built air compressor for max ozone output. The unit is supplied with a heavy duty cooling fan to stay the unit on the optimal temperature for optimum life expectancy. It has a timer to shutoff robotically or it could possibly run frequently. It is ideal for on a regular basis massive volume water ozonation for drinking, bath, sanitation or light industrial water remedy applications including massive aquariums, fish farms, massive hot tubs, spas, swimming pools, water towers, industrial ice makers, dish washers, laundry applications and more. It shock treats any room to take away all smells and odors, viruses, and mildew. With a very easy to set timer, It is only one push of the button and you’ll be able to walk away. It can be used for ozonation of natural oils such as olive oil into solid.
Flexible timer, from 10 mins to continuous ozone output
Internal air compressor or method to hook up oxygen feed
Adjustable ozone concentration
Comes with tubing and two 2″ diffuser stones
Chrome steel deal with for simple portability
110V. Please discuss with A2ZOzone.com for those who require a distinct voltage than the usual 110V US


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