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How to Straighten Your Hair Like the Pros

Straightening your hair can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you plan ahead and break it up into sections you will be out the door in no time! Here are some of our favorite tips to straighten your hair like the pros:

Completely Dry Your Hair

Make sure to work with thoroughly dried hair. Never used a flat iron on wet or damp hair as this may lead to major hair damage. A great trick if you know you will be in a rush to get ready the next morning is to dry your hair the night before or apply baby powder to your hair to absorb extra oil throughout the night. That way you can skip right to the next step.

Use A Heat Resistant Hair Product

Apply a heat resistant hair product to your hair to prevent hair damage. Most products will also cut down on frizz and help straighten your hair.

Adjust the Temperature

Check with your flat iron manual to see what temperature is ideal for your type of hair. A good rule of thumb is use the lowest setting for thin hair that might burn easily and the higher settings for thick and/or curly hair. Thicker hair will take longer to straighten so it’s best to budget more time to straightening it. If you feel like the temperature is too hot or if you smell burning turn the temperature down immediately. You don’t want to risk damaging your hair by using the wrong temperature on your flat iron.

Work in Small Batches

Start by pinning up most of your hair on the top your head with a few hair ties or clips. Keep a small layer down and run the flat iron once quickly over the entire layer. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this layer since no one will see it. Plus you don’t want to overheat it since they are the hair that directly touch your skin. Continue working up your hair in 1 inch segments wrapping all around your head. If needed straighten each segment a couple of times.

Brush and Set

When you are finished, brush your hair to remove any tangles and set with hairspray or a finishing spray.

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