how to properly apply foundation

How to Properly Apply Foundation

We’ve all seen girls with way too much foundation on that doesn’t match their skin tone. A properly applied foundation base will make you look like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all and leave you with a healthy glow. Learn how to apply foundation like the pros with these easy steps:

Apply moisturizer at least five minutes before you apply your foundation to let it sink in. Be sure to use a moisturizer with sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) if your foundation doesn’t have any. Don’t skip this step even in the winter to keep your skin looking young and healthy all year long!

If you are using a primer, apply it next. Primers are great for reducing the appearance of large pores and fine lines. Next put a few drops of foundation on your finger or sponge for better coverage. Dab a bit on the center of both checks, in the middle of your forehead, nose, and chin. Continue dabbing the foundation evenly distributed it all over your face. Don’t forget to apply makeup all along your hairline, ears, and your neck so you’ll risk potential have a two toned face!

You can also apply concealers now on any dark spots, under eye circles or blemishes for extra coverage.

To set your foundation and reduce oily shine finish with a powder finish. For lighter coverage, use a loose powder. Apply it all over your face with a big fluffy brush. For better longer lasting coverage use a pressed power and focus on oil prone areas like your nose and forehead.
In conclusion, the secret to properly applying foundation is to take your time and to dab it on instead of rubbing it in. Be sure to pick a foundation that matches your skin tone so you don’t end up having unnatural looking coverage. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizer to help keep your skin healthy.

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